KTH Master’s
Challenge 2017

Compete for a full tuition fee scholarship for a Master’s degree
from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden.

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Deadline: November 21, 2016

KTH Master's Challenge welcomes applications from Indian students.

KTH Master’s Challenge Programmes

Indian students interested in Electric Power Engineering, Engineering Design or Information and Network Engineering are invited to participate in the KTH Master’s Challenge to compete for a full tuition fee waiver to pursue one of the related master’s degrees at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Read a detailed description for each of the three master’s programmes below.

Master’s Programme in Electric Power Engineering

The Electric Power Engineering programme is taught in English and focuses on four subject tracks, with a final degree project in the second year: Electric Power Systems, Electrotechnical Design, Electrical Drives, and newer IT-related areas of competency. This programme will enable the Master’s student to develop a comprehensive understanding of the field, providing them with the ability to enter a professional role in industry, academia or research and development. Electrical and Electronic Engineering at KTH is ranked 17th in the world by QS. Learn more about the Master’s Programme in Electric Power Engineering here.

Patrik Hilber, programme director

"Depending on where you are in the world, the power system has various challenges: in some places, like Sweden, we have a fairly aged power system, with the need for massive reinvestments, in other places we face the challenge of how to strengthen the power system in the smartest way or even in some cases how to optimally build a new system. It is fascinating that despite these differences we see that the same tools and skills will be needed to solve these different challenges."

Master’s Programme in Engineering Design

The Master’s Programme in Engineering Design trains the product developers of tomorrow. Education and research in Engineering Design has strong traditions at KTH. Taught in English, the programme's main objective is to educate engineers with excellent technical and organizational skills in development and engineering of complex and heterogeneous technical products. Three different subject tracks give the students the opportunity to tailor their education. Learn more about the Master’s Programme in Engineering Design here.

Anders Söderberg, programme director

"Development of competitive technical products relies on a holistic approach as well as on specialist knowledge. The use of electronics and software to enhance mechanical products is here to stay, and the product complexity is growing rapidly. A major problem facing many engineers today is the sheer scale of information exchange and communication required in product development projects. We aim to teach the skills needed to perform in such a working environment."

Master’s Programme in Information and Network Engineering

To maintain and develop the high-tech industry around the world, engineers are needed who can both understand and develop communication solutions as well as having the methods to analyse and process the huge amounts of information that flow in various networks. The Master's Programme in Information and Network Engineering will prepare you for a future professional role in this area by providing a broad basis and the opportunity of in-depth studies in network technology, information and signal processing, digital communication and multimedia processing. Learn more about the Master’s Programme in Information and Network Engineering here.

Mats Bengtsson, programme director

"In a world where everybody and everything will be connected, there is a need for engineers who know how to design the communication solutions, but also know how to analyze and process the large amount of information that flows through the networks. This programme gives you such a competence, with a broad foundation and possibility to specialize within Networked systems, Information and Communication Engineering, and Multimedia processing and analysis."

Does your academic interest lie outside of the above mentioned programmes?

KTH offers over 60 Master’s programmes within engineering, technology, and science organised into nine main fields of study. Check the website for the full list of master's programmes offered at KTH.

For students required to pay tuition fees there are a range of KTH and external scholarships available. Read more about the fees and funding.