KTH Master’s
Challenge 2017

Compete for a full tuition fee scholarship for a Master’s degree
from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden.

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Deadline: November 21, 2016

KTH Master's Challenge welcomes applications from Indian students.

About KTH

The Royal Institute of Technology, or Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH) in Swedish, was established in 1827 and has grown to be not only the most prestigious technical university in Sweden, but also one of the top 100 universities in the world*. More than 12,000 full time students and over 1,800 PhD candidates pursue degrees in engineering, technology, and science. To help these students reach their full potential, KTH integrates its four campuses around Stockholm with major companies and innovators in a variety of industries, providing unparalleled opportunities for KTH students.

KTH is situated in the very heart of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden and a cultural hub of Scandinavia with some 2.1 million residents. As the largest city in Scandinavia, it is home to numerous international and Swedish companies that are leading the way in diverse areas such as information systems, consumer technology, and power system engineering. Stockholm is also ideally situated with an empowering balance between metropolitan opportunities and pristine parks and natural landscapes around the city. There truly is something for everyone. You can learn more about what it’s like to study in Sweden at https://studyinsweden.se/.

KTH also offers a thriving student life. The student union and various faculties organize regular events and offer the chance to grow your personal and professional networks. These organizations also serve to represent the students’ interests at the university, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to get the most out of their education.

*According to the QS World University Rankings, 2016.

Abhineet Singh Tomar, KTH blogger

"My name is Abhineet Singh Tomar, I am studying the Masters program in Embedded Systems with my specialization in Embedded Electronics at KTH.

I belong to the historic city of Gwalior situated in the central part of India. I completed my bachelors in Electronics Engineering in 2012 and then worked for three years before coming to Stockholm.

I have always been fascinated with the idea of living in the Nordic Region, watching Aurora Borealis, experiencing the awesome summers and dark winters, exploring the myriad archipelago and different cultures. And now that I’m here, I am excited that I’d be able to do a lot of stuff from my bucket list during my stay in Sweden."

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"My name is Ashutosh Mittal and I am 23 years old. I hail from the city of Lucknow in India, and am currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. I did my Bachelor's studies in electrical engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology (Jodhpur). I am fluent with Hindi and English. Currently I am a student in the Master's programme in Wireless Systems Engineering at KTH. I love to travel and explore different cultures, cuisines, architecture. Being in Sweden has given me the opportunity to travel across Europe which I am gradually fulfilling by weekend escapes to different parts of the continent."

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"My name is Salman Uddin, I am 25 years old and from New Delhi, India. I am studying in the Master's programme in Electrical Power Engineering at KTH. I like meeting and socializing with people from different cultures and countries. I feel that I grow more by understanding the different way of thinking, of people coming from different parts of the world. Other fun activities I enjoy, is to hang out with friends, doing photography and exploring new places within and outside of Stockholm/Sweden."

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